HP Compaq Deskpro EN 6300A Remote ROM Flash Utilities BIOS lataa ilmaiseksi (ver. 99.­08.­21)

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Remote ROM Flash Utilities (ver. 99.­08.­21) INSTALLSHIELD julkaistu 2001.08.08.

Tiedostoa on ladattu 0 kertaa ja katsottu 405 kertaa.

Kategoria PC
Merkki HP
Laite Compaq Deskpro EN 6300A
Käyttöjärjestelmät BIOS
Versio 99.­08.­21
Tiedostokoko 451 Kb
Tiedostotyyppi INSTALLSHIELD
Julkaistu 2001.08.08
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Remote ROM Flash Utilities driver for HP Compaq Deskpro EN 6300A This SoftPaq creates a set of utility files that can be used with a remote configuration tool such as Altiris eXpress to update or restore the System ROM in the Compaq Deskpro EN Series SFF with a 686T5 Family ROM.­ It also includes the ROM Image.­The standard ROMPaq will not work for updating a PC remotely over a network.­The ROM Family and ROM date can be determined by running F10 Setup.­A unique feature of the ROM is one that allows the user to select the language used in F10 Setup.­ The user may choose between Danish,­ Dutch,­ English,­ Finnish,­ French,­ German,­ Italian,­ Norwegian,­ Portuguese,­ Spanish,­ or Swedish.­ Please note however that the user sees the chosen language only in F10 Setup not in the operating system.­This ROM is compatible for use with Microsoft Windows 2000.­ Compatible devices: 113098-410,­ 314330-002,­ 314330-003,­ 314330-004,­ 314330-401,­ 314330-402,­ 314332-012,­ 314332-013,­ 314332-014,­ 314332-032,­ 314332-033,­ 314332-034,­ 314332-042,­ 314332-043,­ 314332-044,­ 314332-052,­ 314332-053,­ 314332-054,­ 314332-062,­ 314332-063,­ 314332-064,­ 314332-102,­ 314332-103,­ 314332-104,­ 314332-122,­ 314332-123,­ 314332-124,­ 314332-162,­ 314332-163,­ 314332-164,­ 314332-172,­ 314332-174,­ 314332-202,­ 314332-203,­ 314332-204,­ 314332-282,­ 314332-283,­ 314332-284,­ 314332-292,­ 314332-293,­ 314332-294,­ 314332-332,­ 314332-333,­ 314332-334,­ 314332-372,­ 314332-373,­ 314332-374,­ 314332-392,­ 314332-393,­ 314332-394,­ 314332-410,­ 314332-492,­ 314332-494,­ 314332-774,­ 314332-A22,­ 314332-A23,­ 314332-A24,­ 314332-A42,­ 314332-A43,­ 314332-A44,­ 314332-A52,­ 314332-A53,­ 314332-A54,­ 314332-A72,­ 314332-A73,­ 314332-A74,­ 314332-A82,­ 314332-A83,­ 314332-A84,­ 314332-A92,­ 314332-A93,­ 314332-A94,­ 314332-AA2,­ 314332-AA3,­ 314332-AA4,­ 314332-AR2,­ 314332-AR4,­ 314332-C72,­ 314332-C73,­ 314332-C74

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