HP Compaq 6710s ROMPaq BIOS lataa ilmaiseksi (ver. F.­16 Rev.­)

Tältä sivulta voit aina ladata ilmaiseksi HP Compaq 6710s ROMPaq BIOS Notebook-muistikirjat.

ROMPaq (ver. F.­16 Rev.­) INSTALLSHIELD julkaistu 2010.08.08.

Tiedostoa on ladattu 35 kertaa ja katsottu 1237 kertaa.

Kategoria Notebook-muistikirjat
Merkki HP
Laite Compaq 6710s
Käyttöjärjestelmät BIOS
Versio F.­16 Rev.­
Tiedostokoko 2.83 Mb
Tiedostotyyppi INSTALLSHIELD
Julkaistu 2010.08.08
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ROMPaq driver for HP Compaq 6710s This package enables the creation of a bootable diskette,­ CD,­ or USB key that can be used to locally restore or upgrade the System BIOS in the supported notebook models with a 68DDU Family ROM.­ NOTE: Insert ONLY the USB drive that will be used to format and create bootable BIOS upgrade USB media.­ Remove all unused USB drives and flash drives from the notebook.­ NOTE: To determine the ROM family and ROM date,­ press F10 on the target notebook during startup to run the Setup Utility,­ and then view File/­System Information.­ Compatible devices: GB875EA,­ GB876EA,­ GB877EA,­ GB878EA,­ GB879EA,­ GB880EA,­ GB880ET,­ GB881EA,­ GB882EA,­ GB883EA,­ GB883ET,­ GB884EA,­ GB885EA,­ GC014ET,­ GG527AA,­ GG528AA,­ GG529AA,­ GP100PA,­ GP101PA,­ GP167PA,­ GU419PA,­ GY740PA

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