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HP Photosmart R727 (ver. 3.­02.­15) MSZIP julkaistu 2006.06.30.

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Kategoria Digitaaliset kamerat
Merkki HP
Laite Photosmart R727
Käyttöjärjestelmät Firmware
Versio 3.­02.­15
Tiedostokoko 4.41 Mb
Tiedostotyyppi MSZIP
Julkaistu 2006.06.30
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Firmware for HP Photosmart R727 Digital Camera Type: Firmware This is an automatic firmware update for the HP Photosmart R727 camera which requires the camera be set to Digital Camera mode in the USB setup menu and the HP Photosmart software (either Photosmart Premier or Photosmart Essentials) be installed on your Windows PC.­ If you do not have the HP Photosmart software installed,­ and would prefer not to install it,­ you should instead download the manual firmware update,­ col15309.­exe.­ However,­ it is important to note that an SD memory card is REQUIRED for the manual firmware update procedure.­ An SD memory card is not required to run the automatic firmware update software.­ Firmware Version 3.­02.­15 includes the following improvements: Updated messaging for unsupported SD cards greater than 2GB.­ Improved Red Eye messaging and processing.­ Improvements to image quality and focus under various settings and lighting conditions.­ Improvements to focus display on live view.­ Improvements to battery charging when charging a rechargeable battery that has very low voltage.­ Improvements to battery charging in the HP Photosmart 6221 Premium Camera Dock.­ Improvements to the image quality when displaying images or slideshows on most TV's (NTSC and PAL format).­ Improvements to camera operation when camera is docked on an HP Photosmart A430 printer.­

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